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What is the new product of the old medical operating bed?

Time:2020-09-10 08:41:41

Objective To develop a multifunctional animal operating bed based on the old medical operating bed. Methods The multifunctional animal operating bed is composed of a bed surface, a bed surface support part, a bed surface support and a base connection part and a base. The animal body, head and limbs holding mechanism are set in the operating bed.

Designed an automatic extension and contraction of the human stepping table, the operating table has a left-to-right and front-to-back tilt working procedure. Results The Department of Cardiac Surgery in our hospital completed 7 animal experiments on goat left heart assist device implantation on this operating bed. Surgeons and anesthesiologists were easy to operate during the operation and were well evaluated. Conclusion The multifunctional animal operating bed transformed and refurbished from the old medical operating bed is more professional, stable, convenient and safe. It not only realizes the reuse of the old operating bed, but also improves the work efficiency of animal heart surgery experiments and reduces the operation. The labor intensity of the doctor. The traditional abortion bed is an old-style delivery bed, which is divided into two types with saddle pedals and saddleless pedals. The structure is simple, and the thigh and body are easy to change their position due to discomfort. The waste bucket is used to collect medical waste. Because the traditional artificial abortion operating bed has no posture fixation device, when the awake recipient is uncooperative or agitation occurs during the awakening period of general anesthesia, the structure, function and technology of the electric operating bed are introduced on the basis of the classification and working principle of the electric operating table. The indicators are explained. Combined with the domestic and foreign electric operating bed manufacturers and the use of electric operating tables in China, the current situation of its use is analyzed, and corresponding management and maintenance methods are proposed according to the actual use of the hospital and comprehensive previous experience. Introduced part of the multifunctional and professional electric operating table, and pointed out that the separated electric operating table system will become the development direction of the future operating table.

Self-designed foot-operated cleaning and disinfection operating bed, its structure includes bed frame, operating bed board and cleaning and disinfection device. It has the advantages of convenient operation, fast, time-saving, labor-saving, reducing hospital infections, and timely rescue. After clinical use, the effect is satisfactory, the burden of nursing staff is reduced, and the quality of nursing work is improved.

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