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The operating room has a strong specialty of nursing, so why do we need nursing training?

Time:2020-09-10 08:42:36

Operating room nursing is highly specialized, and continuous nursing training is very important. However, due to insufficient support from hospital managers, lack of professional nursing training centers, insufficient teachers, difficulty in guaranteeing training time, and differences in training methods.

Due to the lack of standard of training materials and other factors, the benefits of specialized nursing training in operating room by the existing follow-up teaching, theoretical lectures and advanced studies are not obvious. Through the analysis of the status quo and various factors, it puts forward 7 items to win the support of hospital managers, improve professional training institutions, train teachers, pay attention to the practicality of training, systemicity and diversity of operating bed training methods, and effectively use learning materials. To improve the quality of training and achieve the goal of promoting the development of nursing in the operating room. Understand the main pressure sources and work fatigue of nurses in the operating room, and clarify the relationship between work pressure and work fatigue. [Method] A questionnaire survey method was used to survey 100 operating room nurses. [Results] The source of work pressure for nurses in the operating room was in order of work nature and work intensity, interpersonal relationship, continuing education and professional needs, social status, family support and other issues. The emotional exhaustion and depersonalization tendency in the sense of job exhaustion are moderate exhaustion, and the sense of personal accomplishment is high exhaustion. There is a significant correlation between work stressor and work fatigue. [Conclusion] Operating room nurses' work pressure sources come from many sources, and work fatigue is more serious. It is recommended to reduce or eliminate operating room nurses' work pressure sources from the management and personal perspectives, reduce work fatigue, and improve nursing service quality. According to the working characteristics of the operating room, the corresponding humanistic care teaching measures are formulated, including: selecting excellent teachers, constructing the delivery chain of humanistic care, implementing nursing student-led teaching, and establishing a harmonious teacher-student relationship. Results The average score of nursing students' transfer theory assessment was 91.2 points, and the average score of skill operation assessment was 90.8 points.

The satisfaction rate of nursing students to the nursing teaching and head nurse in the operating room was 100%; the satisfaction rate to the teaching teacher was 98%. Conclusion The clinical teaching method of humanistic care has played a positive role in improving the quality of teachers, strengthening the relationship between teachers and students, and ensuring the quality of teaching.

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